“There are some systemic things that are being broken apart by coronavirus. I am hearing about them every week on these calls." [tweet this]

“We need to keep talking about the broken things and learning from one another about how to fix them. 

“One of those is food banks. Traditionally the food banks get things from supermarkets. Now people are donating money. So what happened is the food banks are buying from local suppliers and there is no way we can go back. Food banks suit the supermarkets. People buy more cans and donate them at the bins at the checkout. How do you take the grip of the supermarkets away?

“The local economy is much more diverse than people realised, including small businesses working with social enterprises. Homebaked has much more in common with the butcher down the road than the local housing association. There is much more in common at that place-based level, which is working its way into the food bank system and into how people have been purchasing food during lockdown.”

Sally-Anne Watkiss is treasurer of Homebaked, a community-run bakery opposite the Liverpool football stadium in Anfield.