“It’s been great in Plymouth that lots of things have mobilised. There was a good neighbour database where anyone in Plymouth could volunteer and we have set up one of the neighbourhood care networks in partnership with POP+ in Stonehouse. 

“We’ve had some really good conversations with senior decision-makers where we were able to cut through the layers where before the system might have put barriers in place.

‘In particular we have been talking about making sure everyone who calls for help and our volunteers are safe and have been trying to understand our roles in Safegaurding practice. 

“With the senior decision-makers we talked about statutory safeguarding with a capital S and staying safe in communities with a small s. No one wants anyone to be at risk and we want to find a way to easily interface with statutory services so that everyone is cared for.  Especially so that small acts of community kindness aren’t trapped and tangled in a big system but have a route in so that no-one is ‘left-behind’ and statutory services can ensure people are getting the care they need.  

“These calls have been a great way to share challenges and solutions like this at a national level, with groups that are going through the same thing all over the country.

"I love the way one area can benefit from the experience in another area to unlock tricky issues and build on the kindness that is so evident across the country." [tweet this]

“We must keep the network going if we are going to make long-lasting changes to processes so that communities can get on with the important work on the ground and make lasting positive change happen.”

Wendy Hart is the co-founder of Nudge Community Builders, a community benefit society in Plymouth that owns, creates and runs activity in disused, underused or unusual urban spaces to lead to lasting positive change.